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After the Ride

    After the Ride

    1.  Head Count - Make sure that all riders in the group have returned safely, or have been accounted for.  This includes all riders who have left the ride before the end.  If there was any kind of incident call the person to make sure they are okay.

    2.  Socializing - Socializing after the ride is encouraged but is not mandatory unless a social gathering was planned.  Bid farewell by acknowledging the positive aspects of the ride.

    3.  Sign-in Sheets - The completed Sign-in Sheet must be emailed to the SBRA statistician team as soon as possible after the ride.  Be sure to enter all pertinent information about the ride in the spaces provided on the form including ride date, ride title, distance, ride class, average speed, check Y/N box for incident and name of the Sweep.  Note: The distance should be the actual miles ridden if different from the posted mileage.  Submission of this form enables you to receive Ride Leader credit and each rider to receive mileage credit.  Please be diligent in returning this form so the club’s records may be kept up to date in a timely manor. Sign-in sheets submitted incomplete will be marked with a red envelope so ride leaders and riders will be alerted of a problem. Also check the ride statistics page for the report showing incomplete sign-in sheets to ensure your sheets have been submitted correctly and are not listed on this report.

    4.  Ride Mentoring - If a Ride Leader mentors a ride, the new Ride Leader should be listed as the Ride Leader and on the second line the Mentoring Ride Leader's name should be listed with a note that he/she was a Mentor.

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