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Safety Briefing & Checklist (also provided on Sign-in Sheet for easy reference at ride start)

    Safety Briefing & Checklist (also provided on Sign-in Sheet for easy reference at ride start)

    Pre-Ride Announcements and Checklist as printed on the sign in sheet.
    • Riders should have water, spare tube or patch kit, tools and CO2 or pump .
    • Helmets are required on all SBRA rides
    • Riders should carry identification and emergency phone number
    • Designate a Sweep for all non-paceline rides of 6 or more riders
    • Ride Leaders are not responsible for cyclists who ride ahead of the group
    • Ask riders to inform the Ride Leader or Sweep before leaving the ride
    • Riders must sign the sign-in sheet & the Ride Leader should carry it or a facsimile on the ride
    • Stop for all red lights
    • Ride single file. If someone calls “Car Back”, ride as far to the right as safely possible. Use your mirror!
    • Riders are prohibited from wearing any type of headphone device while on an SBRA ride
    • Do not block turn lanes or intersections
    • Ride predictably, signal for turns, slowing or stopping
    • Announce yourself when passing, “On your Left”
    • Remember: Sharing the road applies to cyclists as well as to motorists. The way we behave as a group is a reflection on all cyclists
    • As a non-member rider you are welcome to participate on (1) SBRA ride. After your first ride you are encouraged to join SBRA to continue participation on additional club rides
    NOTE: SBRA does not allow the use of electronic programs for individual timed segments (ie: Strava and other such programs) on group rides

    In addition, the following points should be stressed:

    1.  Left turn - Use extreme caution in executing left turns.  Remember that you have a long line of riders behind you.

    2.  Single file - Riders must ride single file when being passed by another vehicle.  Busy roads require single file riding.  Riding two abreast is only permissible in low traffic areas and when prudent.  Three abreast is illegal (in NYS) and unsafe, and should not be permitted at any time.  If this occurs, the Ride Leader should enforce this safety issue. Ride as far to the right as practicable.

    3.  Announce hazards - Call out and/or point out hazards and require the word to be passed back to all riders.  This include holes, blind curves, grates, potholes, sand, gravel, expansion joints, cars exiting side streets, cars waiting to make left turns, etc.  In areas where hazards cannot be pointed out the Ride Leader should instruct the group to allow more space between riders.  This would include road where hazards are numerous or roads that require the rider's full attention to traverse.  

    4.  Carpe Viam - Know how and when to take the lane and signal your intention.  
    This would include:
    • Roads that are too narrow to allow safe passage of bicycles and cars at the same time
    • Taking the left turn lane in traffic to make a left turn.  
    • When road debris keeps the riders from riding to the extreme right (in effect narrowing the road).

    5.  Clear? - Traffic conditions can change quickly.  Never callout “clear!”  Each rider is responsible for their own safety and must stay alert when traveling through an intersection. A "clear!" callout may cause a rider to relax their vigil.

    6.  Protect your front wheel - If you don't you will likely crash.  Never, never allow your front wheel to contact the rear wheel of the rider in front of you.  Never overlap your front wheel with the rear wheel of the rider in front of you.

    7.  On your left - All riders must announce “On your left” when passing another rider.  Pass only on the left. Never ride on the left shoulder of the road (not even one way roads - drivers who are not used to one way roads will not expect any vehicle to be approaching from the left side of the road).  

    8.  Problem Riders - Be prepared to tell problem riders that they are endangering the safety of the group and will be told to leave the ride if their behavior does not improve.  Erratic and unsafe riding is not permitted on SBRA rides.

    9.  Headphones - Riders are prohibited from wearing any type of headphone device while on an SBRA ride.  Earbuds and Headphones interfere with the ability to hear warnings from other riders and traffic noise that can alert a rider to danger.

    10.  Aero Bars - The use of “Aero” type handlebars are not permitted on SBRA rides.  This is because the hand position does not permit quick access to the brakes and the ability to maneuver quickly is impaired.  Violators of this rule will be told to leave the ride.  In the event that a rider does come on a ride with aero bars, let them know about our policy and ask them to ride in the back of the group.

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