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    Minor injuries sustained on a ride can usually be attended to on the spot.  Provide basic first aid as required.  Clear the roadway and handle as any other stop.  In the event of a major accident or injury, it is recommended that the Ride Leader call 911.  The Ride Leader should utilize the pen/pencil & paper they brought with them to record appropriate information such as names of all witnesses, license plate numbers, police car number and/or medical assistance that responded. Never leave a fallen rider even if that rider is waiting for a ride home, even if they insists it is okay for you to leave.

    Report all incidents to the SBRA President, Ride Director, Safety Director, and SBRA Treasurer at the end of the ride.  Complete an Incident Report Form for all serious injuries and email the form to:

    Accident with Serious Injuries - Serious injuries are when Fallen Rider(s) are unable to continue the ride.

    1. Traffic Control - Quickly designate riders to signal traffic to slow and direct traffic around the accident scene. These riders should locate themselves well before the accident scene. Make sure they do this safely from off the road surface.

    2. Protect Fallen Rider(s) from Traffic - If Fallen Rider(s) are on the road surface position yourself between the Fallen Rider(s) and traffic, if this is possible without risking your own safety.  You can use your bike as a barrier to make yourself more visible.

    3. Crowd Control - Direct other riders to get themselves and all bicycles off the road surface and away from fallen rider(s).

    4. Call 911 - The most important information is location. Try to provide name of town as well as cross streets. If possible, give information about what happened and condition of the Fallen Rider(s).  If no cell signal, go to a nearby residence or flag a motorist.

    5. Attend to the Fallen Rider(s) - If there is anyone who knows CPR or has more advanced training, they should take this role. If you don’t have any training, just keep the Fallen Rider from further harm:
    a.  Don’t move or allow the Fallen Rider to move head or trunk unless absolutely necessary (moving can contribute to paralysis if there is spinal injury).
    b.  Don’t remove their helmet.
    c.  Don’t give food or water.
    d.  If they are conscious, talk to them. Just make sure they don’t nod or shake their head in response (don’t allow them to move their head or neck).
    e.  Let them know help is on the way.

    6. Notify - Report serious injuries to the SBRA President, Ride Director, Safety Director, and SBRA Treasurer at the end of the ride.  Complete an Incident Report Form and email the form to:

    7. Follow-up - Contact the fallen rider and inquire how they are doing.

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