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    FAQ & Guide for new users of this site.

    Q: E-Mail troubles, bouncing Emails, catching by Spam filters, false abuse notifications, etc.
    A: In particular AOL users reporting troubles, solution: Add the sending address to your address book to white list it.

    Q: I want to register as New User...
    A: Go to the front page and find (or just click here -- allowed only if you are not logged on now) Create New Account. Please read all option carefully. You may want to turn E-mail notification off now, but you can do this also later.

    Q: I can not find how to post a new bike ride (do not see or can not find "Lead a ride").
    A: If clicking here Lead a Ride now gives you access denied, you are not eligible to do so. You need to be an active SBRA member. If you are, please contact SBRA to update your status, else feel free to join the club. If you just signed up, please give us a day to updated your status as we have to manually check your membership status.

    Q: I get automated Email notifications or subscription Email I do now want. How do I turn this off?
    A: Go to "My Account". Find the folder "Notifications", turn the option you do not want off. Also check if you are eventually subscribed to any contents, find the folder "Subscriptions", check all options and turn off what you do not want - if any type of content is selected.
    (note: there may be some delays until a change of setting takes action, also there are a few issues we are currently investigating)

    Q: Can I find more in-depth information about this web site and how to use it?
    A: A comprehensive documentation about the CMS engine Drupal for users can be found here: and a book

    Q: I am confused about the Button "Save and Submit" and do not find a "Submit" Button, etc. on just written Forum Posts or Comments.
    A: a) Comment: 1st, please be a bit flexible. This is because the same mechanism and button are used for the whole system, it is used to "Save" any new contents or preferences, configurations, etc. Here "Submit" sounds a little misleading and "Save" is more generic, as data (comments, ...) actually get saved or stored into the database. Same applies for all of you posts. You may be more used to the button "Submit", so I changed the original button from "Save" only to "Save and Submit". All I can simply do now. A later version of the Forum module may allow more differentiated fine tuning.
    b) If you do not see the "Save and Submit" but only "Preview Post", then please do the Preview first to verify your writing and formatting, then you will see the "Save and Submit" below your new post text, scroll down to it again.

    Q: My favorite ride start location is not in the provided pull-down menu listing. Can I add one?
    A: Yes! Navigate to "Rides" and find "Add a location". Then fill out the form:
    a) Make up a descriptive but unique and short title (this will later show up on the pull-down list for bike rides!) and fill in the directions to your new location into "Body". (You may want to save now, all the way down "Preview" then "Save and Submit", and come back for the next step -- can use the back button on your browser)
    b) (advanced) find the "Map"/"GMap Macro" field below Body and open the the little link below"Build a Macro" in a new window (middle click or right click->open in new window or such)!
    c) well, adjust the map as you want it and place a marker to point out your meeting location (zoom, pan, etc...)
    d) once satisfied, go all the way down and find the "Macro text", copy that exactly and past into the field called "GMap Macro".
    e) hit "Preview Post" then "Save and Submit"

    Q: How do I embed images or do text formatting in my posts?
    A: Please read here how to use BB-Code

    Q: I can not log on, get rejected with user or password wrong, etc... What may be wrong?

    Here are common reoccurring issues and confusions, please understand you have to:
    a) Use and have only one unique LOG-IN USERNAME -- this is what is written on top of the Navigation Menu on left if logged in.

    b) Please do NOT confuse this LOG IN USERNAME with your "Real Name" set in your profile (My Account), what is displayed if logged in on posts and the list of logged on users, etc.

    c) It may be advisable to use a single simple acronym as LOG-IN USERNAME -- similar to may be yout email prefix like "QFelix", etc... NOT "Qwobo Felixus" -- as you have to write this exactly like this with all upper lower case and spaces -- else the system will not recognize you.

    d) passwords are sensitive to upper/lower and any special characters.

    e) If you attempt to set up a new/second account:
    -- you can do this...
    -- but it will not automatically be SBRA-membership approved --> no ride, no form postings instantly
    -- you CAN NOT edit posts (rides, etc) you posted with your "other" account as the system does ONLY ALLOW you to edit you OWN posts, as OWN is defined by the LOG-IN USERNAME -- so if you have two accounts, these will be treated as different "users" from the system point of view, OK?

    f) Also keep in mind your exact LOG-ON USERNAME spelling, we ahd confusions like some one signed up with username "Richard Dunniway", put in his Real Name as Dick Dunniway... and later tried for ever to log on as "Dick Dunniway" -- which obviously has to fail.

    This FAQ was just started and will grow as more common ask questions come up, the answers will then get in here.

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    Thank you for visiting the SBRA Website. PS: best viewed in all browsers, but IE -- sincerely, your Webmaster.
    Please send comments & questions about the SBRA site to the SBRA-Webmaster.