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Spring Century Training 2023

    2023 Beginner Century Training and Experienced Century Riders Training Information

    Come join the fun and take part in our weekly century training rides. These rides (which start in early April) are designed to get us in shape for the season, and more specifically, to prepare us for the SBRA Century Ride on Saturday, June 10, 2023 (check the Ride Calendar).

    First Time Century Riders

    If you have never done a 100 mile ride (but would like to), sign up for our free "Beginner Century Training" School. This year's series of Saturday training rides will start on April 15th, to prepare you for riding. The training will start with a 25 mile "D" pace ride. Each Saturday the rides get a little longer and a little faster, until you are able to ride 100 miles by June. Past experience proves that anyone who stays with the program WILL be able to comfortably complete the 100 mile ride. (Click here to view the information flier). Before we start the training rides, we encourage you to join us at Super Cycling Saturday, on April 1st (click here for more details).

    Before each ride, our Ride Leaders will answer your questions and provide tips on nutrition, bike fit, riding technique, and other topics. All rides will emphasize courtesy, safety, and etiquette. The group will stick to the advertised pace, and no one will be left behind. There will be lunch/snack stops and bathroom breaks. For Century Training School details contact: Bob or Josie Goykin at 631-737-1871, or

    If you're planning to buy a new bike, contact us first (, or click here for advice on what to look for. Please note, it will be difficult to do the longer rides on a hybrid or mountain bike. 

    The success of these training rides depends on the participants riding and progressing together as a group each week. For that reason, it is strongly recommended that you register before the rides begin, and participate in all the rides. If you have any questions, or wish to sign up for the program, e-mail as soon as possible. Include "SBRA Century Training" in the subject line of your e-mail.

    Experienced Century Riders

    If you have done a previous century ride, come out each SATURDAY or SUNDAY (starting in April) and take part in the regular century training rides. See the SBRA Ride Calendar (Saturday or Sunday's in March) for more details. Choose your own pace; there will usually be a few different groups (C, B-, B, B+ or A pace). These rides start at 30-40 miles, and increase by 5-10 miles each week up to 80 miles the weekend before the Century ride. (If a session is rained out, the following week's ride will not increase in length.) Check the Ride Calendar for ride status if the weather is questionable.

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