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Ride Sign-In Sheet & Release Form

    Ride Sign-In Sheets are required to receive Ride Leader Credit for your ride.
    After your ride promptly forward the properly completed sign-in sheet to the club Rides Statistician.
    NOTE: Only rides posted on the Ride Calendar 48 hours prior to the actual ride date will receive ride leader credit.
    Please avoid posting rides on days with scheduled SBRA Events.

    Click on the desired form below to view a printable electronic copy (PDF format).


    *A Note To Ride Leaders:
    Please make sure the Ride Sign-In Sheets are completed properly before turning them in after your ride.

    Before submitting the ride sign-in sheet, check that the following information is entered correctly, or it may not be possible to finalize the ride, which could affect ride leader credit or mileage credit for ride leaders or ride participants. It is up to the riders to write neatly and the ride leaders to fill out all necessary details so the ride can be finalized. Without legible and accurate details it makes it very difficult to finalize the rides. During the new riding season submitted Ride Sign-in sheets will be attached (PDF format) to the ride post to assist ride leaders and participants with any credit discrepancies.
    • Correct dates of the ride
    • The average speed the ride came in
    • Total mileage that the ride came in
    • Participants names must be legible
    • Participants are encourage to enter their SBRA ID Number (found under their "My account" link when logged in)
    • No other required items are left blank

    **Submitting Completed Ride Sign-in Sheets via email:
    Mailing completed ride sign-in sheets via the USPS (or any other physical mail options) will be discontiued in 2017. Please make an effort to scan your completed ride sign-in sheet, or take a picture of it with your smart phone, then EMAIL it to:
    Ride sheet email submissions should be done on the same day after your ride has taken place. Any completed ride sign-in sheets that are mailed via the USPS could take over a month to process as this requires volunteers to drive to the post office and pick up that mail, then arrange to get the mail to the ride statistician team. This can actually take over 2 months based on the fact that most volunteers have jobs and cannot always get to the post office in a timely manor.
    As we continue to strive towards making the enoumous task of the ride statistician team easier, we ask that ALL Ride Leaders do their part and follow this process. You will find this will actually save you valuable time as well. Many Ride Leaders have been submitting their ride sign-in sheets via email for several years now. It's time to get ALL Ride Leaders on the same process. 

    IMPORTANT: Ride leaders will NO LONGER be contacted to resubmit INCOMPLETE ride sign-in sheets.

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