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Website move completed

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    SICX Little update: The SBRA web site move to a new hosting service is now completed and you should be able to log on as normal again. We are sorry for the hopefully minor inconvenience caused by the temporary downtime and read-only period. Let's hope this keeps now working more consistent with better all over performance.

    If there are any "hickups" or strange behaviors, please report them.

    You may still see yourself "looking like logged off" switching between certain pages while browsing -- this only means you see chached contents (never older than 30minutes) -- just keep browsing, your are not logged off! I keep evaluating this newer page caching scheme. Gallery rebuild is under the way, be patient, see "read more" for how to access the old gallery.

    PS: It's CX season do you know? Next up: 2011 Sundays 11/27, 12/04, 12/11 at Kings Park -- also great for watching!

    Your Webmaster.

    -- click read more for some video of the SICX!

    PPS: Gallery issue is known and I am working on it. Do not worry, everything is "here" -- just some not yet resolved access/reconfiguration issue.
    You can visit the old site/gallery via this temporary link:

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    Thank you for visiting the SBRA Website. PS: best viewed in all browsers, but IE -- sincerely, your Webmaster.
    Please send comments & questions about the SBRA site to the SBRA-Webmaster.