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Zwift Knickerbocker Reverse

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    Date and Time of ride: 
    Thu, 03/04/2021 - 8:30am
    a go
    Ride Level
    Virtual Bike Ride
    ———> NOTE: This is a NON-SBRA ride. <———
    SBRA Members are welcome to participate but please note you will NOT receive ride mileage and Ride Leader and Sweep will NOT receive ride credits.


    I will be holding a Virtual Bike Ride on Zwift.  

    You can also talk with us via Discord App channel: is external)

    (link is external) (link is external)


    It does not matter the type training platform you use if you would simply like to talk with us while you are also training. 

    Note: The Discord channel will be active 20-30 minutes prior to the ride start. This way you can test to make sure you are connected. 
    When you get to the Discord page, you will see a menu on the left labeled "VOICE CHANNELS." 
    Under this menu list click on "General" and you should see yourself listed there. Click on you, then connect to voice.

    I will be using Zwift with a smart trainer. Zwift has a feature called Meetup(link is external) for group rides. 

    Note: I need to follow you on Zwift before I can send you an invite. Search me on Zwift Joanna Pascucci{SBRA} or send me your Zwift ID(link sends e-mail)

     (link sends e-mail)(link sends e-mail)

    This can be done using the Zwift Companion app (not the regular Zwift app). You will need both installed.

    Zwift Meetup Information:

    Date: 03/4/2021

    Start time: 8:30 am 

    Note: You can join the meetup ride 15 minutes prior to the start time. Be careful not to join more than 15 minutes before the start as sometimes the app will time out and disconnect you from the ride. Also do not delay joining either as you want to leave time for the "what ifs" as we all have found from time to time. There are no late starts for Meetup rides.

    Duration: 60 minutes aprox

    Organizer:joanna pascucci SBRA

    (link is external)(link is external)

    Where: New York

    Course: Knickerbocker Reverse


    Distance: 20 miles


    Pace: Zwift’s Keep Everyone Together(link is external) feature, everyone stays together regardless of power output. You’ll be able to draft and move around in the group without fear of being dropped unless you stop pedaling.

    Ride Leader: Will have the yellow beacon above the rider. 

    Meetup Only View: In this meetup you will only see other Zwifters attending this meetup. Everyone else in the world will be hidden.

    Meetup Riders: For those who are part of the Meetup ride. We will be highlighted in green in the list of all riders on the course.

    Special Instructions:

    •  By adding (SBRA) to your account name e.g. John Smith (SBRA). It helps with the group identification.
    •  The Discord channel will be active 20 minutes prior to the start.  Use this link: is external)
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