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Virtual Ride for Wednesday, May 20, 9am

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    Virtual Ride for Wednesday, May 20, 9am

    I will be holding a virtual event via my Discord channel at

    Everyone is invited to join in. It does not matter the type training platform you use, or if you use one at all. Just come and join in for a chat with friends. Note: My channel will be active 30 minutes prior to the ride start.

    Simultaneous with Discord, that I listen to on my cell phone, I watch a you-tube video on my laptop. If you like the idea, and wish to be on the same you-tube video as me, use the link below. The video is "Best Cycling Workout Lake Garda Italy."  It's advised that you mute the sound to prevent it from interfering with our conversation(s). Also, prepare to have a way to skip ads which appear on you-tube videos.  

    Zwift riders with smart trainers are invited to add a Meetup link to this post.

    Date: 5/20/2020

    Start time: 9am.  Channel open at 8:30am

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Organizer: Paul Miklean, (link sends e-mail) or text/call 631-885-0995

    My Discord channel will be active 30 minutes prior to the start. Having difficulty, call, text or email me.

    Discord channnel:

    You-tube video link:















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