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ESG Drastically Downsized

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    ESG 2009I don’t know if you were aware of this but the Empire State Games are in trouble Many local cyclists participate in the event, below is the email from Gregory of the coach of the open team. This is this too sad, in particular as I was a little thinking about going for it this new year :-( May be the club, SBRA, and there members -- you!!, can also help and add some pressure with some writing of some letters... please read the details below (click read more).

    Hi Team,

    As many of you now know, funding for the Empire State Games has been eliminated from the Governor's budget proposal. This comes at a time when it is very unlikely that corporate sponsorship can be found. At this time ESG HQ is looking at several different alternatives to keep the games going in one form or another. There is the possibly of instituting fees, cutting back on the number of sports participating, limiting the overall participation within each sport, cutting back on the number of days of competition, or a combination of each. To avoid this, there is a letter campaign underway to convince the state to restore funding to the Games. Such a letter campaign has worked during earlier budget cuts and can work effectively now. Please take a little time to send three letters. The bodies of the letters can be almost identical. One letter goes to:
    Governor David Patterson State Capital Albany, NY 12224
    The second to:
    Commissioner Carrol Ash NYS Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation Empire State Plaza Agency Building 1 Albany, NY 122238
    And the third to your state assembly member:
    name and contact info available at In the letter please include:

    • that you understand that the Empire State Games are planning significant cuts to their program and that significant fees will be attached to the diminished event.
    • that you want state funding of the games to be reintroduce to this year's state budget.
    • and that the Games have had a positive impact on you
    • your address and signature

    Save the letter on your computer as we may need to send more letters as the budget process continues. Paper letters are more influential than emails or phone calls. Phone calls will be used more as the budget process continues. Letters do not need to come from those of us that have competed at the finals. People that have raced a qualifier, volunteered at a qualifier, attended as a spectator, intend to race the qualifier this year, or have a family member that wants to compete are all people that benefit from this program. Even those people that ride or train with you are benefiting by gaining from your experience with this state program. Every letter helps. Thank you all,
    Coaches Gregory and Matthew

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