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2 Elite packets for the 5-boro bike tour HUGE DISCOUNT

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    Nancy F
    Joined: 07/08/2014 - 3:01pm
    2 Elite packets for the 5-boro bike tour HUGE DISCOUNT

    Due to an injury, I won't be able to do the bike tour this year. We paid $340 apiece for the packets, which let you start ahead of everyone else and entitle you to better food and clean, real bathrooms in a restricted area. We did it last year and it made for a much better experience. The tour is this coming Sunday (May 6). We'll be picking up the packets on Friday so you can get them from us on Long Island on Saturday (we live in Commack). We're going to keep the jerseys, but you can have the important stuff--the bibs that get you elite status--for only $100 apiece. That is indeed a huge discount and a great deal. It's an awesome experience, and I'm really sad to have to miss it, but doctor's orders. The bibs are marked male and female with our ages, but I don't think they'll check the ages that closely.

    If you're interested, call me at 516-526-5345.


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