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Shop Rides

    Some of our sponsor bike shops are leading rides, which are not strictly related to SBRA but we are happy to host the ride information as a service for your convenience. These rides are specially highlighted in our ride calendar with a light red bar instead of the regular green mark. Information for our Shop Ride Leaders:

    If you are affiliated to one of our sponsor bike shops and appointed for leading shop rides, you have to apply for the SBRA role of a "shop ride leader" following these simple steps as illustrated below:

    Log on to this site, if you do not have signed up yet, do this first.

    1. Go to "My Account"
    2. Select "Apply for role"
    3. Check "shop ride leader"
    4. Click "Apply"

    Shop Ride Apply FormShop Ride Apply Form

    Once you are approved (these role application is verified by us manually on a regular basis), go back to 'My Account' and select the proper shop logo for your avatar -- this is strong recommendation to make clear your role. If you wish to separate your (if any) regular SBRA account from this, you may add a secondary account for this special purpose. Be aware, you have to provide an alternative Email as duplicate Emails are not accepted by the system.

    To post a Shop Ride follow up on the Navigation Menu on left below "Rides" the link (only as a holder of the shop ride leader role you can see this) "Lead a Shop Ride", click it to bring up the form to generate a new shop ride entry. Later at any time you can update/edit it following the EDIT link after you opened it for viewing again.

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