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RP2IPBP ride report - a few more today!

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    IMG_5846_1.jpgWhat a beautiful day for Py's RP2IPBP ride. A good sized group found together at Tildas, Rocky Point (RP) and rolled out promptlyIMG_5850.jpg by 8am with the chime of a close by clock tower. A few rollers to warm up on North Country and in Wading River, quick reassembly on top (photo on left) and then a fast train moving towards East avoiding Sound Ave as much as possible, by taking Edwards - Youngs - Reeves - Doctors (south) - Northville - "The Tanks" Penny, Shore to the snack stop at Iron Pear Beach Park (IPBP).

    [** I thougth we need bit about our rides here once in a while **]


    From there a little back tracking "The Tanks" and return via Middle Country and Mill Road.... and finishing up with a few more rolling road on North Country.







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