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    Early Birds


    Little update on the Early Birds. This Sunday at least no rain, just some very little drizzel or fog at the first quarter of the ride.

     A good sized group of about 20 riders gathered at the start, Manroville/King Kullen to get going by 7:30am. A nice paceline formed and moved out on the North Route into slight head wind. 

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    RP2IPBP ride report - a few more today!

    IMG_5846_1.jpgWhat a beautiful day for Py's RP2IPBP ride. A good sized group found together at Tildas, Rocky Point (RP) and rolled out promptlyIMG_5850.jpg by 8am with the chime of a close by clock tower. A few rollers to warm up on North Country and in Wading River, quick reassembly on top (photo on left) and then a fast train moving towards East avoiding Sound Ave as much as possible, by taking Edwards - Youngs - Reeves - Doctors (south) - Northville - "The Tanks" Penny, Shore to the snack stop at Iron Pear Beach Park (IPBP).

    [** I thougth we need bit about our rides here once in a while **]


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    Bloomin' Metric 2009 Report

    A full-size photo is available to those with permission.
    This years Bloomin' Metric 2009 was a bit less color full and the forecast was predicting a high chance of rain in the morning -- never the less Py signed up long ago for

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    347 Greenway Presentation 1/29 Hauppauge

    GREENWAY PROJECTShow your support for more bike paths in Suffolk County!

    We need you to come to the route 347 GREENWAY presentation.

    NY's DOT wants your input on the future re-design of route 347 from the Northern State Parkway to 25a. Do you want a safe way to travel by bicycle without fear of getting killed by a car? There is a possibility to create a separate bike path but only if you show up!

    If you don't show up, there may be no bike path!

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    ESG Drastically Downsized

    ESG 2009I don’t know if you were aware of this but the Empire State Games are in trouble Many local cyclists participate in the event, below is the email from Gregory of the coach of the open team. This is this too sad, in particular as I was a little thinking about going for it this new year :-( May be the club, SBRA, and there members -- you!!, can also help and add some pressure with some writing of some letters... please read the details below (click read more).

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    Meeting Place Riverhead

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    Py's view of the 2008 Whitmore's Landscaping Super Cross Cup Weekend

    The 2008 Whitmore's Landscaping Super Cross Cup (by Hampton Velo) -- part of the North American Cyclocross Trophy -- took place on Nov. 22/23 in Southampton. It was a great event filled with plenty of action. It was bitter cold and windy on Saturday, but this could not stop any action on the race course.

    Sunday was less windy and this made the sunny day just so much more comfortable, even it was not much warmer at all. A set of exiting races, enjoy some more views:

    Click "Read More" below for a slide show of assorted photos from Sat&Sun.


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