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Non-Members Riding with SBRA - Encourage them to Join Now!

    Below is a list of people riding with SBRA who are NOT current SBRA Members. 
    They are either former Members who's membership has lapsed, or they have not yet joined SBRA.
    For a more accurate idea of how many rides one of these people have done as "Non-Members" enter their Membership Expiration Date in the "From date:" range field and click the "Apply" button.
    If the person still shows up on the list then the number of rides now showing are how many rides they were on as Non-Members.
    If their membership expired prior to November 1, 2013 then they were on all rides as non-members.
    Take note that some people have not been members for SEVERAL years (shame on them).

    As a member of SBRA please encourage anyone you may know on this list to join SBRA.

    For only $30
    annually we all get tremendous value from SBRA.
    This minimal contribution to SBRA goes a long way.
    Please let these non-members know it's time to join.

    First Name Last Name Class # of Rides (Finalized) Actual Miles Member Expiration Date Count
    Kevin Liebov B+/A- 1 53 1
    TOTAL 1

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