Bicycle Pedals "2011 Forte" Recalled by Performance Inc. Due to Fall Hazard

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Description: Forté Pro Carbon Road Pedals are sold in sets of two bicycle pedals that attach to cycling shoes. The pedal body is black and is made of lightweight carbon injected thermoplastic. The axle is a black and made of chromium molybdenum steel with a black steel axle. The front, top of the pedal has “Carbon” printed in red; the top middle has “EPS-R” embossed in the body with the “R” in red and on the top rear of the pedal the word “Forté” printed in white. The outer edge of the pedal has the Forté logos, crossed F’s, in white. The catalog number, 50-8128, is used in all catalogs.

Sold at: Performance’s website, catalogs and Performance retail stores from February 2011 through October 2011 for about $100.

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Re: Bicycle Pedals "2011 Forte" Recalled by Performance Inc. ...

I am almost sure I saw this in person happening as a rider on one of our rides in CT (TOSREC 2011) had a close call and came off the road edge -- diagnosis: snapped pedal!! I am not 100% positive if it was this "Forte 2011" in particular she used, but I am sure it was this style of pedal.

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